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It tastes great and really adds to our CBD isolate formula. . . . #cbdscience #yoga #wildthjng #cbdathlete #cbdyoga #cbdisolate #plantbased #healthy #pain #cbd #cbdoil #cbd4life #cbdlove #painrelief #hemp #nnlifestyle #naturalcure… “Welcome the holidays this year with Vertus THC-infused champagne.” So read a December 2018 advertisement from a Seattle company named Tarukino. That’s how far we’ve come on this subject. Pain? Stress? Anxiety? If you’ve been sitting in traffic on a Madison highway lately, you may have seen the billboards offering relief from modern life through the salvation of CBD oil. By Nicole Smith CBD products are now being sold at pharmacies in Walker County, and one local pharmacy hopes the product they are selling will help reduce drug dependency. Many have observed a “Hemp CBD Sold Here” sign for the past two… Scott McCarron reacts after his birdie putt on the 18th green during the second round of the Mitsubishi Electric Classic at TPC Sugarloaf on April 20, 2019 in Duluth, Georgia.(Photo by Kevin C.


When it comes to recent cannabis trends, no discussion can be had without mentioning CBD oil and vape pens — each product has left its own mark on the market thus far. Considering that industry experts project the cannabidiol (CBD) market… If you are an athlete you know what it is like to push your body through a workout or competition. It is normal to feel a little sore or tired after an intense exercise. But if you want to achieve the best results for your body you also… As part of our continuing look at the science of cannabinoids, we thought we’d look at what current research says about using CBD for ADHD and ADD. We all have trouble concentrating and controlling our impulses from time to time.

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